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About Holt

Located 22 miles north of Norwich, the market town of Holt has a population of over 3,500 inhabitants.


In 1708, an overwhelming fire destroyed much of the town's existing wooden medieval architecture, leading to the construction of much of the town's Georgian buildings, which still stand today. Known for its antique shops, art galleries and popular cafés, Holt is also a bustling environment for independent retailers, of which there are close to 200 in the town.


In the peak summer months, Holt is a veritable tourism hub that attracts around 20,000 holidaymakers, sightseers and shoppers to the town on a daily basis. Holt’s tourism is given a significant boost by the North Norfolk Railway’s ‘Poppy Line’ — a heritage railway famous for its steam locomotives, and an integral part of Holt's 1940s weekend.


Holt is situated along the A148, which provides ease of access to Cromer on the North Norfolk coast and Kings Lynn in a westbound direction


For further information about the town, its history and retailer listings, visit

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